Our Process

The host creates a guided process and manages the flow of the meeting.

Meetings are formatted to maximize attendee interaction and stimulate engagement.

We use breakout rooms to create groups of different sizes, from 2 to 10 people in a breakout.

Our process lets you easily engage with others, determine if there is a business opportunity and then convert to a private meeting.

Contacts and calendar links are passed through the chat system.

Meetings are upbeat and fast paced.  Breaks are just 2 minutes.

 The host is the connector to the people that you may want to meet.

Nationwide system for professional business networking.

Our Goals

Create a better, safer networking opportunity by going virtual.

Expand the attendee sphere of business contacts and influence.

Expand the market of the business by creating networking opportunities in neighboring areas to promote their business using other meetings.

Deliver real business value to keep people coming back.