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Part-time, Full-time, Laptop Lifestyle, great money!

We keep it simple, because it's really not that difficult...

As part of our strategy for, we are launching a national system for online business networking in 200 of the nation’s largest cities. We see the keys to our success as the opportunity for businesses to network nationally and the people that run our meetings.  Your job is to make friends and facilitate attendee introductions.  

Here are a few things that we want to be clear about:

  • Maynestreet Business Mixers is the brand, so we do the marketing to fill the meetings. You are the meeting host that runs the meeting. Together we invite people to grow your meeting volume.  But for the most part, you sign into Zoom and go!
  • Want the Laptop Lifestyle? – Work from anywhere, you choose your markets, meeting times, days… And make great money too.
  • We are totally cool with this being a side gig, as long as you are dependable by maintaining your meetings.
  • Our event system does all the meeting notifications to the attendee and checks people in for the events…  
  • The purpose of the host is to manage the flow of the meeting: greeting, Intro, breakouts, transitions and closing the meeting. 
  • Our revenue and your compensation is based on each paid attendee that purchases access to your meeting.  Each meeting has a capacity of 200 or 300 attendees depending on the meeting format and runs 75 minutes.  Hosts are paid $3.00 per paid attendee to that meeting, no compensation for guest passes.  
  • As an independent contractor, you have more freedom and it creates actual business expenses to reduce your tax burden. It also reduces our expense burden, so we can pass on 30% more revenue to you. 
  • Because business networking commonly draws a good size crowd, doing attendee volume is very realistic. 
  • The compensation math is simple: Paid attendees to your meeting times $3.00 = $$$.00. 
    So what could your month look like:
    • Work 3 days per week, 3 meetings per day = 9 per week X 4 weeks = 36 meeting month X 100 paid attendees average = 3600 paid attendees per month X $3.00 = $10,800.00 month.
  • We believe that success builds longevity.  

We are pushing to get Maynestreet Business Mixers running, but we have big development goals as we evolve.

Your next step is to submit the simple application to the right for review.

Let’s get started!

Projected Earnings for 15 meetings per week with 100 attendees each

It's a Laptop Lifestyle
Work from anywhere & make great money... Think about it.

You would be a great Maynestreet Host!
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